Monday, February 06, 2006

Born in the wrong century?

Umm...I pretty much have nothing to write about. The sweater still isn't done. G's first sock is done and I've started on number two. I guess that's something after all. I'm well on my way on the second sock. I'm nervous about that whole short row heel thing though. The jury is still out on which method I prefer...cuff down or toe up, but I'm leaning towards cuff down.

Not much else going on. I'm busy spinning away. When I bought my wheel I got a huge garbage bag full of wool as well. I've been washing and carding little bits every few days. I'm struggling with the carding. The wool isn't coming out very even and I'm getting little clumps of wool. Plus I can't get out all the little flecks of hay. Adds to the charm. That's what I'm telling myself. Next I've got to learn to dye. That's all I need is another hobby. I have this little dream of my own dye garden where I grow plants to dye. Sometimes I just wanna be a housewife/homemaker. I used to think I would die of boredom staying home all day, but now I would have plenty to keep me busy, between the house and Catie and all my little projects. Too bad I have all that med school debt. I would miss my job, though. Maybe in my next life.

Coming up towmorrow--some knitting/spinning pics, and of course, photos of the adorable Miss C.

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