Thursday, February 09, 2006

Good day for the stash

My stash has grown exponentially in the past 2 days. A month or so ago, I ordered some Socks that Rock from The Fold. Great service! I am still waiting for one skein, but here are 3 glorious colors--Red Rock Canyon, Rhodonite, and Farmhouse. Still waiting for Scottish Highlands, but I'm sure these will keep me busy for awhile.

This afternoon I went shopping as well. I got a gift certificate to Craft Warehouse for X-mas, so I hit them up for yarn and needles for my Olympic project.

Cascade 220 in burgundy for my scarf. Plus some needles, cable needles, and a little reading material.

And last but not least, my LYS, The Yarn Shoppe, in Meridian. I guess it's really not all that local, but it's the closest one to me. I needed to get a little help with the toe on G's sock. Plus I had a gift certificate there too. I joined their sock club and bought some other stuff too. Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Wilderness, Cherry Tree Hill in Blueberry Hill, and a skein of Lamb's Pride Sandy Heather (I'm nervous about running out of yarn before I finish the sleeves on G's sweater. His arms are really long.)

All in all, a great day. Plus I had some yummy flautas at our local incredibly authentic Mexican restaurant. Life is good.


Nikki said...

Thanks for your note on my blog.

All that yarn is making me drool! What beautiful stuff!

I can't believe how much the Knitting Olympics have taken off. I'm not participating, but I'm really enjoying living vicariously through pretty much every other knitblogger on the net, because it seems like everyone but me has joined!

Ann said...

OOO, some major stash enhancement! You should listen to the podcast linked on my blog about stashes. Very funny! Have fun with your gorgeous yarn!