Friday, October 10, 2008

I've been back at work a week. It's always good to go away, but it's just as good (or better) to get home. We had a great time in Portland and at the coast. The first weekend was spent at OFFF, then we headed to the coast. The first few days we were there were beautiful. The last few days it rained, but still a great time. I got a fair amount of knitting done, and managed to teach my sister to crochet. I went to a knitting retreat last weekend in Lincoln City, hosted by Nestucca Bay Yarns. I not only learned to knit (fairly consistently) with my left hand, but actually cut a steek. I thought I'd be paralyzed by it, but it wasn't so bad. I'm fascinated with color work now, and am looking at Christmas stockings to knit for the kids.

In other news, Miss C has finally figured out the big girl potty thing. She was pretty stubborn for the longest time, but all the sudden, something clicked. We spent much of last week sitting on the potty, sometimes successful, sometimes not. But in the past 24 hours, it's like a switch has flipped, and she's ready. More than ready. Amazing. I'm so excited about it, I'm telling just about everyone. And now you all.

One of the motivations for potty training was dance lessons, which start tomorrow. She's awfully excited about the dance gear. Here she is all decked out, complete with cheesy grin. I can't believe how big she's getting.
And a couple more kid pictures from the beach...who knew kelp could be so exciting...and that a 19 month old could be so brilliant?