Thursday, August 24, 2006

The blog blues

So I haven't posted for going on 2 weeks. I have nothing to say. I've knit very little, and haven't spun much either. My life is pretty much comsumed by work right now. So forgive my absence, but I think I'll take a little bit longer break. I'm just sort of bored with knitting. God forbid, but it's true. How do you all get your fiber groove back?

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Finally, a new post...but no pics yet.

Sorry for the long delay. Thank you for all the congrats. Things are going well on the pregnancy front. I'm not nearly as "puky" this time around. Hopefully it will continue this way.

We just got home from vacation late Thursday night. We went to eastern Montana for a wedding, and then spent a few days in Helena with G's dad and stepmom. We drove to Bozeman for the day, and visited the Museum of the Rockies. The coolest part of the whole thing is the living history homestead. More to come later. But after 6 days without a pager, I definitely feel much more relaxed.

Today is my dad's 80th birthday. We're having a big surprise party for him. Though I don't see how it can still be a surprise. Doesn't he think it's odd that his sister and brother in law from Portland just "happen" to be here to help move cows? Or that my brother-in-law's parents just "decided" to ride along with him when he drove over? Maybe he's just playing along. At any rate, hopefully the weather will cooperate and a good time will be had by all. I'll post pics tonight or tomorrow.