Thursday, August 24, 2006

The blog blues

So I haven't posted for going on 2 weeks. I have nothing to say. I've knit very little, and haven't spun much either. My life is pretty much comsumed by work right now. So forgive my absence, but I think I'll take a little bit longer break. I'm just sort of bored with knitting. God forbid, but it's true. How do you all get your fiber groove back?


Kim said...

The interest ebbs and wanes sometimes. I find reading about other people's projects to be pretty inspiring, plus there's a group of knitters at work who keep me interested as well.

All work & no play isn't good for the girl, Jocele. ;) If you're coming to the Western Idaho Fair on Saturday, look for me in the sheep barn. I'll be spinning there from 1-7pm.

You'll get your fiber mojo back. Big hugs!

aija said...

I'm waiting for the true fall, cool weather to bring me back into wool and a crop of wonderful sweater inspirations that I'll never knit :)

Theresa said...

I "play" with my yarn/patterns/books rather than knitting. I cast on a bunch of new projects. I make little tiny things. But mostly I fondle yarn and flip through pattern books for inspiration.

Kim said...

Hey sweetie---you okay? I'm going to take my wheel to the M tonight and spin for awhile--wanna come?

Lorette said...

Step away from the blog for awhile. I've had a couple of spells where I don't feel like knitting because I don't feel like blogging about it. If I quit worrying about what everybody is going to think about what I'm doing, mostly the knitting "mojo" comes back. Knit a small project where you can see results quickly.
That, and buying new yarn always helps. Or gadgets. Good knitting gadgets can be the answer. ;-)