Sunday, January 02, 2011

In honor of the new year, I feel the need to post on the blog. Happens every year, then drops off. I don't know why I bother, but I guess this is a good place to at least keep track of my New Year's resolutions. I reviewed the list from last year. I did okay. Lost 20 lbs instead of 40. Better than gaining, though, right? We did grow and preserve more food. We're composting again, complete with a worm bin. We did pay down some debt. Overall, not a bad showing, I think.

And so, in honor of 2011, here we go...

1. Continue with the weight loss. I'll shoot for 40 again, but may miss the mark. I'm getting closer to my goal though.
2. Keep de-cluttering.
3. Eat more veggies.
4. Try a new recipe a week.
5. Keep up with paperwork at the office better. This includes dictations. The bane of my existence.
6. Renew some old friendships. We just get busy and forget to keep in touch. Amy, Mark and Ann, Erica...that's you I'm talking to.
7. Knit a pair of socks a month.
8. Knit myself a sweater this year. Complete with steeks.
9. Make the family finances more of a shared responsibility and work to set up and follow a reasonable budget together.
10. Read more classics. Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, and Thoreau are what I have planned so far.
11. Expand the garden.
12. Finally get my craft room organized and set up so it's a comfortable place to be.
13. Bake bread each week.
14. Be kinder, more patient, and more understanding.
15. Start selling my fiber/wool.
16. Get up 30 minutes earlier each day for some "me" time. Meditate, yoga, knit, spin.
17. Keep up the blog. Not for anyone else but me. Just to use it as a journal of sorts, more than anything.
18. Spend less time on Facebook. And online in general. Which sounds counter-intuitive given the above resolution, but I can just surf for hours. Which is time I could be actually LIVING life instead of reading about it.
19. Actually put away the laundry after it's folded.
20. Keep the car cleaned out.
21. Read to the kids more. I get tired and busy and say "tomorrow". Is that really the message I want to send them?
22. Continue the journey towards a simpler life. It's the goal I'll forever be reaching for.

So with those lofty goals, Happy 2011!