Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Long Overdue

Nothing since April 14? Time flies. Just about every day I tell myself I need to post. And every day, I don't. I tell myself I'll do it tomorrow. Apparently nearly 60 tomorrows have gone by, and no blog post. My sister in law called me on it tonight. So here goes...

It's been an busy and eventful couple of months. I'm still adjusting to life without Gesa, both personally and professionally. There's days that I wish she was here to bounce something off of, or just to vent to her about work or home or the size of my butt, or something. I've inherited many of her patients, and we're all getting to know each other.

We went on our cruise to Alaska last month. It was amazing. It was somewhat stormy and rough, and because of the storms, the scenery may not have been as amazing as it could have been, but still, it was a GREAT vacation. The kids had a great time at their aunt LaLa's, and we're still hearing about the zoo and the park. There was much knitting and much buying of yarn. The food was good, the company was good. The zip line in Ketchikan was good (though the rope bridge/tree limb climbing part...not so much!) The Hubbard glacier was AMAZING! Victoria, BC, was, as always, a lovely place that I'm incredibly sad to leave. Overall, it was a desperately needed and perfect vacation. G even managed to enjoy himself, despite the overabundance of knitting and fiber that week. So much, in fact, that we signed up for next year.

Since being back, I've done some knitting. Mostly working. We've done some gardening as well. Things are growing quite well. Catie is proud of her garden, and likes to check it on a near daily basis to see what's growing. She has a little red watering can that she uses to water stuff. Quite cute, I'd say. When Jack is outside, mostly I try to keep him from eating rocks. Or bugs. Or alpaca poop. Seriously. That boy is something else.

This weekend, it's just me and the kids. G is in Las Vegas for a bit of a bachelor party for his friend Jason. We're having a good time so far. Probably not as good of a time as he's having, but well, I'll take snuggling with my kids in bed any day over loud and smoky casinos. It's the good life.