Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Remember when New Year's Eve was a REALLY big deal? Back then, I thought about New Year's Eve for weeks...what would I do, where would I go, would I kiss someone at midnight? Now, I'm totally and completely content to spend the night at home, curled up under a blanket, knitting and a good book as a companion. Maybe I'll be awake at midnight to give G a smooch. Maybe not. I've turned into an old lady. And I'm totally at peace with that. The past few days, I've been reflecting on the year, and looking forward to 2009. So now you all get to hear about it.

2008 was a mixed bag for me. Gesa's death has affected me more profoundly that I had anticipated. It was by far the defining event of this year. I've been thinking alot about her this week. I've had several friends and family members pass away, but this has been the one that has been the biggest struggle for me. I guess it's because she was such a large part of both my personal AND professional life. I know it won't go away anytime soon, but I'm hoping putting 2008 behind will help. Wishful thinking, I'm sure.

On a bigger and better note, 2008 had some high points as well. It was the year we paid off our credit cards (a substantial amount, unfortunately), and bought the farmland. It was the year of the Alaskan cruise. And in knitting, the year I learned to do Fair Isle (and fell in love with it). Family life was good as well. The kids are getting more and more fun with each passing day. More of their individual personalities are showing, and it's so fun and fulfilling to watch.

2009 is looking good so far. We're meeting with a couple of builders over the next couple of weeks to discuss our plans for the new house. It looks like I'll make it to Rhinebeck. More debts will be paid down, or even off. I still have a lot of improvements to make, but really, life is looking pretty damn good right now. But of course, there's the obligatory New Year's Resolutions.

So, here goes:
1. Lose weight (yup, make this one every year...but this year will be different.)
2. Exercise consistently
3. Grow more of our own food
4. Simplify our lives and our stuff
5. Read more...I joined a group on ravelry with the goal of 52 books in 52 weeks.
6. Get up earlier each morning (maybe I'll use that time to work on #2).
7. Work more towards becoming debt free
8. Recycle
9. Works towards living in the moment
10. Blog more

Thinking back, I probably made some of these last year as well. Further proof I have a ways to go. But we're all works in progress, right?

I hope you all have a wonderful and happy New Year. Kiss someone at midnight. Or get some good sleep. Here's to new beginnings.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

6 random things

I was tagged by Jess for 6 random things, so here goes:

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Six Random things about me:

1. I LOVE washing dishes by hand. Seriously, I LOVE it. To the point that sometimes I wish we didn't have a dishwasher. But George disagrees, so we still have one.

2. I am terrified of mice.

3. When I was little, I had an imaginary friend named Susabelle. Anytime anything bad happened, she was always to blame.

4. When I was in medical school in St. Louis and really homesick, the thing I missed most was the smell of sagebrush.

5. I think Diet Coke is the nectar of the gods.

6. Tonight I played CLUE for the first time in probably 20 years, and had a blast.

Next up...I'd like to tag


Have a great Monday.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


Months and months ago we started negotiating to buy some farm land. After some re-nogiatating and lots and lots of paperwork, I'm thrilled to announce...IT'S OURS!

We now own 25 acres of land in Homedale. The top of the hill has views of both the Owyhee mountains as well as the Snake River. There's then a slope, and corrals on the bottom, with a spring that runs most of the year. We're hoping to start building a home a year or so from now, with the goal that it will be done by the time Catie starts kindergarten, so she can just start in Homedale and not have to switch schools.

Right now the top of the hill is pretty good pasture grass. The hill and low areas need quite a bit of work and re-seeding, plus we need to figure out irrigation. But we are beyond excited. I'm hoping to have an intensive grazing system for beef cattle and fiber critters (definitely more sheep and maybe a few more alpacas). Plus I'll finally get my chickens. I'd love to someday have a market garden, but that's far in the future from now. We've signed up for a course through the extension office called Living on the Land, and I think we'll get tons of great info from that.

Here's a view from the top of the hill. We'd like to put the house out from where this picture was taken...looking east over the river.

This is what I've been working toward for years, and am a little floored that it's finally happening. Now we need to come up with a name for our farm. Right now I'm leaning towards Riverview Farm and Fibers. Any other suggestions?