Sunday, February 26, 2006


This has been a good knitting week. I finished the scarf a few days ago, then starting knitting on a pair of socks I started months ago. Like so many months ago I was still pregnant. C's 8 months old, so we're talking a good 10 months or so. I finished one sock back then. Then started the second one, but didn't get too far. I dug it out the other night after I finished the scarf. There were only 2 or 3 rows of ribbing done. So basically I was nearly starting from scratch. At any rate, I finished it tonight. It's a small sock, and would fit a kid. But still, this is by far the fastest I've ever finished a sock. Now it's on to sleeve #2 on G's sweater.

I had a pretty good weekend. Saturday morning I hit The Yarn Shoppe with Erica from work, who is now happily hooked on knitting as well. I bought a couple of new needles and some yarn for my 40 Days for Others projects. I'm planning on starting by making a couple of baby hats. From there it was downtown to Boise State for Block Fest. It was an activity for kids from birth to age 5. The basic principle is that playing with blocks helps kids learn about math and science.
Following is what Catie learned about science:

It tastes good!!

Today I went back to the fiber arts fair and happily spun away. If only I could figure out a way that I could knit and spin full time and still pay off my monstrous medical school debt.


Dipsy D. said...

Wow, you've sure been knitting up a storm with the sock, and they both turned out great, I love the colorway you chose!
Catie is sooo lovely on the photo munching on the block, seems she enjoyed herself to the fullest!
Best wishes from Austria!

Ann said...

Hey, future scientist in the making, there! It's all about exploration!

cskinner said...

New to this blogging. Hardly have time to talk muchanymore so will try this. What is the knitting for others you wrote about?