Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Oh dear. Cross Your Fingers.

There's a little crisis brewing at the S-D household tonight. I sat down to download some photos to put on here, and lo and behold, no digital camera. We had it Saturday when we went to McCall for the day. It was in the diaper bag. Now, no camera to be found anywhere. Hopefully it's somewhere in the car or behind the couch cushions or something. Luckily we've been downloading fairly regularly so we have most of the pics saved. But still...if only I were more organized and the house wasn't such a mess, it'd be easier to find. Probably not because it's probably in the snow somewhere up in the mountains, but I can hope. Hence the "Cross your Fingers" title above.

So unfortunately no pictures for your viewing pleasure today. I'm avoiding G's sweater and putting off the inevitable. I just need to sit down and get the danged thing done. And I decided to joing the Knitting Olympics afterall, so I'll have yet another project on the needles. I guess I need to institute a rule where I can't start anything new until I have finished something on my ever-growing list of UFOs. I'm embarassed to say how many projects I have going. I don't even really know how many. I love starting new things though. That's the most fun part for me. I'm sure I'm not the only one that does this. But how will I ever finish anything at this rate?

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