Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A sigh of relief

You can all relax now. The camera has been found. Apparently I didn't check all the 2 bazillion pockets in the diaper bag. I missed just one, and of course that's where G found the camera today. Whew. I was a bit worried there.

The first sleeve on G's sweater is about 2 or 3 inches from being done. I sat and watched Law and Order and knitted. And knitted. But now I'm bored with that, so here I am, blogging away. On a more interesting note, here's the first of G's socks:

My first toe up sock. It's in Cherry Tree Hill, Green Mountain colorway, I believe. Very pretty. I'm glad my guage error wasn't in pink yarn though. "Um, yes, G, I planned for these socks to be yours the whole time. Of course I did."

Tonight I'm on call. So far it hasn't been bad. Hopefully the night will continue this way. I usually stay up a bit later when I'm on call, so I can get some stuff done. Back to the needles. I have tomorrow off (yippee), so I'm going to hit the yarn store (yippee again!) for supplies for my Olympic project...the Irish Hiking Scarf. Can't back out now.

So now I'll leave with you a couple of C pics. Check out the number of toys this girl has. And you oughta see her closet. Puts me to shame. My kid is a way cooler dresser than I am. The things we have to sacrifice...


Ann said...

Beautiful socks! And girl! SLU, huh? I live at Grand and 44, right around the corner...Small knitblog world this is...And, I just checked and you were my 100th commenter. (Um, that's cheering you hear in the background.) I believe that calls for a prize. Email me and we'll discuss. Have a great day!

Theresa said...

I can't wait until the days when being on call means waiting by a phone, instead of running around the hospital like a crazy lady in search of a cup of coffee all night. At least we now have the 80 hour work week :)