Friday, January 20, 2006


So here it is late Friday night. It's been a long week at work and I'm glad it's the weekend. A couple of weeks ago I had an "I love my job" post. This is definitely one of those more challenging weeks where I don't really love it so much. Long hours away from my family, tough patients, etc. It's all part of the package, I suppose.

On the knitting front, I officially joined our area fiber arts/spinning guild this week. I was too nervous to take my wheel though. I can do okay in the privacy of my home, but something about having a room full of people around as I struggle made me uncomfortable. Silly, is it not? Next month. But the exciting news is that hopefully there will be a new yarn store opening soon in the next town over (right now I have to go to Meridian, about 15-20 miles away). I hope it works out.

So enough about all this stuff...bring on the pics!! I had designated Tuesday as Catie picture day, but didn't get any posted. So here are few others as well. First we have Danny and me in the sweater I made him. It's the top down sweater from Knitting Pure and Simple. I can't even remember when Catie was that small, and she's only 7 months old.

And here's Mr. Daniel Edward right after he was born. AWWWW. Second only in cuteness to my own Catie Grace.

And speaking of Miss Catie, here we go. Carrots. MMMMM.

And last but not least, my dad with the babies. A little background info dad was 46 when he married my mom. I was born a year later. When my sister and I were little, people would always compliment him on his grandkids. But we weren'this grandkids, we were his kids. He just started late. So he was late having grandkids. He was 78 when Catie was born. So he here is with the babies. It's been fun to watch him get all googly over them. Hopefully it was worth the wait.

So that's probably enough family bonding time, don't you think? I just had to show off these cuties, especially my nephew in his brand-spankin-new sweater. Tomorrow there'll be sock pics, I promise.


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