Saturday, January 21, 2006


My first FO of 2006. The MIL sock:

Vital stats:

Yarn: Socks that Rock in Heavy Metal

Pattern: Basically the Universal Sock Pattern.

Needles: Crystal Palace size 1 dpns

Started: December 2-ish, 2005

Finished: January 21, 2006

There were a few "firsts" with these socks. I had never used this yarn before (love it) and this was my first project with dpns. Prior to this I had used the magic loop method. But I bought the yarn on vacation and the store didn't have a long enough circular needle. I figured it was high time I learned to use those giant toothpicks anyway. I haven't entirely decided which method I prefer. I think I need to knit another pair or two each way before I come to that conclusion.

And now, one more question. What did G give Catie to eat or drink while I was at work?

Was there more than just breast milk in that cereal? Neither of them are telling, I'm sorry to say.


Tim Burns said...

Hi Jocele,
Thanks for your comment. Carolyn will be so excited to learn you have a blog. (I'm excited). Everything is fine here. Sylvia and Carolyn are out for a little walk and Teton is whining at the bottom the stairs to let me know that we can probably catch them if we hurry up.

P-) said...

Those socks are rocking!!! And what a darling baby!