Monday, January 16, 2006

Back from Portland

Excuse the absence. No excuse really, but here goes.

So as you may have read last week, my sister had her baby Tuesday morning. So I took a half day off on Friday afternoon, we loaded up the truck, and headed west to Portland to meet the new addition. Managed to get a little yarn shopping in too. We got there late Friday night and after checking in at the motel were off to my sister's house. The baby really looks like her husband. I just have to say thank God I'm past that first couple weeks of breastfeeding. It's certainly worth it now, but ooowwww. Anyway, spent a couple hours Friday trying to help her with nursing. At least I think it was helpful.

Saturday morning we spent a couple hours with my sister and crew (pics coming tomorrow). Then my dad and G went back to the motel to watch a little football and my mom and I did some yarn shopping. First stop was the The Cozy Ewe in Oregon City. The owner is incredibly nice. A couple of years ago, she helped me pick yarn and a pattern to make shawls for my bridesmaids. I got this to make a sweater for Catie:

I thought I'd try a cardigan, which is definitely something new for me.

From there we went to Abundant Yarn and Dyeworks. My mom (who also lives in Idaho) has been there a couple of times when she was there visiting and really loved this store, so I had to go check it out. I certainly wasn't disappointed. Great store and cafe. Of course I couldn't leave empty handed here either:

That's Trekking XXL (for G's socks), Louet Pearls in French Blue (for me), some needles and the little yarn requirements booklet. Very handy. I had to buy some longer needles for G's socks because he has THE biggest feet. Size 15. It'll take me months to finish those babies.

Last but not least, we then made our way downtown to Knit Purl. Holy Socks that Rock Batman!!! They had tons of that goodness. No one here in Idaho carries it that I'm aware of. I was hypnotized by all the colors. MMMM...pretty colors. After staring at the wall for a good 10 minutes, I decided on "Marble". Is it wrong to want to skip G's socks altogether and just start a new pair with this yarn. Here's the pic, along with my new book.

Plus a close up of the yarn. Yummy. Must. Show. Restraint. I've been contemplating starting a pair of Jaywalkers. I think this is it.

Sunday we hit Powells. I LOVE that store. A whole city block dedicated to books. G and I sort of consider it the Holy Land, and make at least one stop there whenever we're in Western Oregon. I think we showed incredible restraint this time...only 65 bucks worth of books. For us, that's a bargain.

From there it was back to my sis's house. She and Steve are settling in nicely as new parents. Tired new parents. But doing well. We watched the end of the Colts/'Steelers game then headed home. To find the cat locked in our bedroom. For 2 days. Imagine what that means. And also came home to a message saying my wallet and cell phone were sitting on my sister's couch. I believe I said one or two swear words.

So now I'm going to go work on the MIL socks. I'm finishing the foot and should be done soon. The sooner I get them done, the sooner I can start something new. My new Jaywalkers. G's giant socks.

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