Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 2006

Hello 2006. Not much knitting today. Delivered a baby this afternoon. Then later some friends came over with their 4 girls to check out the spinning wheel. One baby is hard for us to manage here in our household. 4 kids is more than we could handle, I think. Hats off to them!!

My spinning technique is improving. There's not so much thick and thin stuff now. The yarn is much more even, but I have a tendency to overtwist things somehow. Even that is improving though. It's so fun to do, and I think as I get better at it, it will become more relaxing.

As far as works in progress, I think that there's too many to mention. The main two things I'm working on now are a sweater for my husband and socks for my MIL. The first sock is done, and the body of the sweater is just about finished. Both had high aspirations of being Christmas presents, but well...maybe Valentine's Day is a more realistic goal. And speaking of goals, my goal of the week is to learn to post pictures and edit links on this here site. So cross your fingers and hope for sock/sweater pics in a couple of days.

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