Sunday, January 29, 2006

S is for...Sunday and Spinning

I've made the executive decision to make Sunday spinning day. So after Catie was in bed, I broke out the spinning wheel. By the way, I haven't named her yet. She's a Majacraft Rose. Rose and its variations would be too predictable. Any suggestions?

So anyway, I'm getting better at the joining new fiber thing. Still have a tendency to break the yarn, but it's not nearly so bad as it was the other night. Here's a pic of my first skein. It's a medium wool. A Lincoln-something cross. I just set the twist yesterday, so it's been hanging on the back porch to dry. Not bad. Not good by any means. But it certainly could be worse. I don't know if I'll do anything with it, or just save it for posterity's sake. You know, so I can see how much I (hopefully) improve.

And then this is what I worked on tonight. The picture isn't great. But here you go.

It's a bit finer than the previous fiber. But I'm finally catching on. Now I've used up all the rolags I had ready. If only I could ge t G to help with the washing and carding. I'm allowed to dream, aren't I?


Angela said...

Hi, thanks for commenting! Waterpolo is an absolute riot, even the best swimmers are reduced to paddling around, trying not to fall out. I don't spin, but would (eventually) like to learn, so your first skein impresses the heck out of me. Maybe Maya for the wheel as something predictable, but not as much as Rose?

Angela said...

p.s. Catie is adorable!