Wednesday, January 25, 2006

So gauge really is important, huh?

Happy Hump Day. (It's Wednesday. Don't go getting all dirty-minded and stuff. Shame on you). At any rate, I'm a bad blogger and missed Catie picture day on Tuesday. Law and Order just kinda sucks me in sometimes. And then it was The Closer. And then Cold Case. I'm a cop show junkie, if you couldn't tell. TNT and USA are my favorite cable channels now, because they have back to back episodes. I SO need a life.

On the knitting front, the toe up socks (okay, sock really) are progressing along. I don't know about this short row heel thing, though. I think when I get to the heel on the second sock, I'll be back at The Yarn Shoppe, because, well, I'm a chicken and need someone standing over me reassuring me. So here's the deal. I was thinking I'd make the socks for me. I just sort of started knitting and didn't really measure my feet or gauge, but figured I would just stop when it was the right size. But I overestimated the number of stitches and increases I'd need for the foot. Just to give you an idea of how much I overestimated...I wear a women's size 6 and half shoe. The sock is a little big on me. A little big meaning it will fit my husband's size 15 foot. Check this out:

That's my fat foot on top of the sock. The pic isn't that great, but take my word for it. The sock is way bigger than my foot. At least all my hard work won't go to waste and G can wear them. Live and learn.

On the spinning front, I'm a little frustrated. I started out spinning this gorgeous Lincoln cross. I was pretty proud of myself as things were going quite smoothly. So now I'm onto a finer wool. I've decided I'm pretty much a moron at joining new wool. Once I get going I do okay, but I keep breaking the yarn when I'm trying to add more wool. Do I put more spin in it? Spin faster? Slower? Some little trick that hasn't even occurred to me? I'm perplexed. I had to give up the other day and take a break because so many profanities were a-flowin'.

And just in case you all were sad that Catie pic day went by without a photograph:

"What? Me? The cutest baby ever? Oh stop!"

P.S. Can you tell she's our first baby?

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Liz said...

that is a cute pic of catie, she is such a ham!!