Sunday, April 16, 2006

When it rains, it pours

I've had a bad 6 weeks. The fuel pump went out on the Jeep. The pickup needed all new tires. Work has been a bit challenging. The computer crashed. We owe the IRS gobs of money. And Friday, our hot water heater quit working. So we've been trekking to my parents' house for hot showers each morning until we get a new one this week. Granted, I don't have the troubles outside my house that Lorette does, but I just keep feeling like we can't catch a break. I think things are over and we can relax, then bam, something else happens. I'm living in fear our house is going to come crashing down over our heads. Not much else can go wrong, right?

I haven't done as much knitting and spinning as I would like lately. Actually, I haven't been doing any spinning for awhile. This week is the spinning guild meeting, so I'll have to break out the wheel and get busy. I've stopped and started 2 different pairs of socks about 5 times. I can't get the right gauge on either of them. But I think I've finally gotten it right on G's new socks. I can't get the light right for the picture, but at least it should fit him.

And on the subject of socks, I just have to say how proud I am of Erica. It took me 6 or 8 months of knitting before I was brave enough to learn to knit socks. She has been knitting all of about 3 months and just jumped in. Yesterday she learned the magic of turning a heel, and I think she's now hooked. I've created a monster, folks.

Today was Easter Sunday. I hope everyone had a wonderful day. We had dinner at my mom and dad's. G was in charge of dessert. He made chocolate mousse. Catie had to try some. I think she liked it.

So now it's back to the ol' grindstone. And please-oh-please let nothing bad happen this week.

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Melissa said...

I hope your week is better. I loved that last pic!