Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Socks, secret pals, and more.

I'm now totally and completely hooked on baby socks. Maybe 3 hours of knitting and I got this. #2 is half done. I don't even have feet that are that big, so it doesn't take all that long to make socks for myself. But this instant gratification is hard to deny.

Also, I learned today that apparently I'm a STR pusher. Kim is now obsessed like the rest of us. And she started an Irish Hiking Scarf. I've never known such power. (insert evil laugh here)

To make today even better, I got my secret pal package. This is the first time I've participated in a S.P. Exchange. I always felt a little jealous when I'd read others's entries about their pal and gifts and such. Well, now you can all feel jealous of me. Because my S.P. rocks. Check this out

Trekking XXL in blues (my fave), wash mitts, soap, lip balm, a little card so I can keep track of what size needles I have, and best of all, Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook. Unfortunately, I have a feeling there may have been some other goodies/candy in there, but our well-mannered dogs got to it before I did. Sorry about that, SP. But I LOVE all this stuff.

On the Catie front, I simply must post this pic. Please forgive me all my Catie pictures, but I just can't restrain myself. Can I help it if I gave birth to the cutest baby in the universe? I didn't think so. I love bath photos. All we have in our humble abode is a shower, so her bathtub is the sink. Here she is.


Ann said...

So cute! That pic belongs on a greeting card or something!

Kat with a K said...

Aww, the baby socks are so cute. As is Catie, of course.

Pennie said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. You have a cute on your hands too.

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