Thursday, April 27, 2006

We've survived a whole week without anything breaking down. What a relief. Both vehicles are running. All our major appliances are still humming along. Thank god. If anything else broke, I was gonna really lose it.

I've had some good knitting/spinning the past few days. I've been working on G's Trekking XXL sock. The gusset decreases are done, and I'm just cruising along on the foot. I'll be cruising here for awhile becase, as I've said before the man has freakishly huge feet. Here's the progress thus far.

I'm into knitting anklet socks. Saves on yarn, and things get done at least a little more quickly.

I continue to improve (at least I think so) at spinning. This is some dark wool that was given to me. Cleaned, carded, and ready to go. Amazing, eh? I've slowly getting better at consistency, but there's still some think and thin spots. It's getting better though.

Next project...dyeing. But do I dye the wool before it's spun? Or dye it once it's yarn? Any suggestions? Which is better for a rookie dyer? Is that how you spell that? I have so much to learn.


Theresa said...

So glad nothing else broke!

Melissa said...

The sock appears to be coming along nicely.

Ann said...

Jocele, I forgot to drop you a line last night, but the package got here yesterday. It's all so cute and going to it's desination tomorrow. Thanks soooo much for participating!

Harpersvsk said...

So glad nothing else broke!