Sunday, April 09, 2006

On speaking a foreign language

I love weekends. I wish it was the weekend all the time. Maybe I'd get tired of not working, sleeping in, going out to dinner and then to a bookstore, knitting all day, etc. But then again, maybe not. It was a great weekend, needless to say. Well, except for the doing taxes part (ouch!).

Over the past few days, I've finished a cotton dishcloth and the baby socks.

The baby socks were a blast. Fast and easy. I started on a new kid's hat tonight. I also started reading Knitting Rules. I kept reading parts of it out loud to G, but he "didn't get it". Actually he said he was only "getting" every third word. How could he not understand the language of knitting? He's been living with it for 2 years?? Does he not listen to anything I talk about? Apparently, he must only really listen to 1/3 of what I say. At any rate, I'm enjoying it so far, and am now getting into the more technical parts of the book. Tonight, I'm going to learn about gauge and why it's important. But isn't it more fun just to jump in and start knitting?

Tonight was the second meeting of our knitting group. And I'm happy to report that we've gotten another person into our grasp. Kim came, thinking she'd be social and just hang out and visit. But soon, she found herself being inexplicably drawn in by the allure of the sticks and string.

It can't be avoided, Kim. Give in to the urge.

In Catie news, we're convinced we have a genius on our hands. She said something that sounded suspiciously like "doggie" a couple of times today. When the doggie(s) were actually in the room and walking up to her. And she's starting to 'read'.

And what's that she's reading? Not just any book, mind you.

That, my friends, is an American Family Physician journal. That's my girl.


Melissa said...

She's already developing a discerning taste for a great read. LOL! The socks look great. Congrats on a new member to the knitting group.

Cherry said...

Your mom sent this so I could see Catie. She is SO cute!