Sunday, April 30, 2006

Weekend rundown

How in the heck does the weekend go by so quickly? All of the sudden it's 11:00 on Sunday night and I got only a small amount of everything done that I wanted to do. I met Kim for coffee on Saturday, where she was kind enough to forgive me for being late, and kind enough to give me some Gaywool dye. We chatted and knitted until it was time to get ready for her son's prom. I came home for the afternoon and then was out again to a Pampered Chef party. Once I got home, G had gone out with one of his friends, so after Catie went to bed, I spent the evening knitting, spinning, and listening to the last of Pride and Prejudice. A very nice evening, I must say. Once upon I time, I would have been mortified at the thought of spending a Saturday night like that. Apparently this is yet another sign I'm getting old. All that's missing is the prune juice.

Sunday we went out for a nice breakfast, went for a drive, then headed home for a lovely date with the weedflower bed. As I was trimming a shrub, I decided I didn't like it any more. So out it came. (Thanks, G). It felt good to be decisive. Some weeds, though nowhere near all of them, got pulled. Some fenced got fixing. I went to our local farm store to check out the seeds and get ideas for our little veggie patch. Then, the highlight of the night. Due to the miracle of iTunes, we finally got caught up on Lost. And I finished up the first of G's Trekking XXL socks. I've started the second, and think, after a couple of tries, I got the striping matched up. Here's number 1, and I'm happy to report it fits perfectly.

So I guess it was a somewhat productive weekend. I had visions of getting ALL the laundry done, not just a couple of loads. I wanted to try out that new dye, but didn't get there either. We still have a not-so-clean house/garage. And the back yard--yikes! As I always weekend...


margene said...

I didn't realize you were so close! Or that you knew Kim. You might know another friend of mine who works at a yarn shop (don't know the name of it)...Judy!
The sock looks great. Come to SLC anytime and join us in some fun!

Anonymous said...

This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jocele, I found your blog when I was googling to see if there were any reviews online of that knitting shop in Kuna. I think I may have met you once at the sit and stitch at the Yarn shop in Meridian. If it wasn't you, then there is another knitting doc with a wee baby girl. Anyway, I've got a question about those adorable baby socks you knit with the cherry tree hill leftovers? I couldn't see a mention of a pattern? Would you be so kind as to point me in the right direction? I have a grandbaby due in February and my knitting fiend part got a turbo charge with that news...all projects are on hold if they "ain't" for the wee bairn. Thanks in advance if you are able to get around to answering this query. Cheers, Susan Meridian