Sunday, February 17, 2008

Things that make my day

We got a new camera. It takes great pics, but I don't know how to download them yet. So in lieu of that...10 things that make me happy. Several of them happened this weekend...which makes me feel especially blessed.

1) Hearing my kids giggle
2) Snuggling in bed with G and the kids on a Sunday morning
3) A quiet house
4) Hand washing dishes (strange, but I love the routine of it)
5) How my dog is so excited to see me whenever I walk in the house
6) Starting to look at land to buy, so that we can finally stop dreaming about our farm and start building one
7) Snuggling up with a good book
8) Really good Thai food, especially green curry
9) A long soak in a bathtub
10) The smell of sagebrush in the rain is good.

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