Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oh look, another Sunday night post.

Another week (and weekend) gone. It was a fairly busy week at work. 2 deliveries. 1 night of call where I was up a fair portion of the night. And now here it is, Sunday night. Time to get ready to head back to the ol' grind. Blech.

On Saturday, Catie and I went to Tea for Tutus. It was a fund raiser for Ballet Idaho. Catie wore the dress I made her. It was impossible to get her to stand still to take a decent picture of it, so here's the best we could get.

The dress wasn't nearly as dressy as all the other girls there. But that's okay. She still looked darn cute. It was a nice afternoon, and we went with some women from work with their kids. We hit the bookstore afterwards. We had dinner at my parents' house, then home to bed. After no nap, Catie was exhausted. Jack had spent the day getting spoiled by Grammy and Boppa.

I did manage to get some knitting done Saturday night after everyone was in bed. That seems to be my most productive time. Unfortunately, it makes it difficult to get up in the morning if I'm up until midnight or 1:00 in the morning knitting. I've been working on a sweater for myself. A Knitting Pure and Simple pattern...the zippered jacket. I've just finished with dividing for the sleeves, and am starting to work on the body. Miles and miles of stockinette to go. I want to have this done before our cruise in May, so I need to get cranking on it. I'm not an especially fast knitter. Or maybe just not a consistent knitter...there are days that go by when I can't get any knitting done.

I also finished the first sock from the January Socks that Rock club (well, except for weaving in the ends).
I LOVE this heel. I tend to do a top down sock with a heel flap, mostly because that's how I learned to knit socks. But this short row heel fits my foot so much better. I was terrified of the whole wrap and turn thing, but just like my fear of cables, it was unfounded. I think I'll end up doing the majority of my heels this way. Now I need to master toe up socks. One technique at a time.

Today it was gorgeous outside. I did some yard work. It was nice to get out there and do something a little more physical. There's just something about working outside that is comforting and fulfilling for me. I have a feeling I'm going to be sore tomorrow though. Who knew raking pine needles could be such a workout? Every spring, I get this incredible urge to garden. I know that's not different from many of you out there. In my head, I'm quite the master gardener. Alas, reality doesn't necessarily match up to my dreams. I'm making all these plans about what to plant and where. Grand plans. And if it's anything like last year, the veggies won't grow. The flower beds gets taken over by weeds. But every spring, this one included, I tell myself, "This year will be different." Time will tell.

And to finish off the post, a couple of close up kid pics. Catie is enamored with pig tails and pony tails. She calls them her "ponies". So here she is...

And Jack has discovered how fun it is to play "So Big"... Speaking of that, he turns 1 in 4 days. Yikes!


Anonymous said...

Those kids are so beautiful! Jack is looking more like George and Catie more like you. I like the pig tails. And it's almost time for her to discover the joys of sissors!
Your sweater is going to be lovely.

Kat with a K said...

Aww. The kids are adorable, as always, and the sweater is looking great.

Sharon said...

Thanks so much again for coming to Tea for Tutus. Katy's dress was beautiful, and I'm impressed you made it. Thank you again for teaching me how to knit too-- I'm ready to get a knitting project underway soon. Let me know if dinner this weekend works for you, and I'll start trying to whip my house back into shape. Kids= positive entropy

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