Tuesday, January 29, 2008


We have too much junk. When I bought this house (single and hadn't even met G yet), I thought that 1200 square feet was way more than I'd ever need. I had lived in a studio-type carriage house my last 2 years of med school...basically a single living room/bedroom, and tiny kitchen and bathroom. The fact that the house I was buying had a separate living room and 2 whole bedrooms was almost more than I could comprehend. Flash forward 6 years...married and 2 kids in a 2 bedroom house. Now with a wicked fiber addiction to go along with the book addiction that was already well established back then. It's getting a little crowded, to say the least. But really, I think it's more a matter of too much stuff and not enough storage. Oh, okay. Maybe just too much stuff.

On Sunday, the kids went to my mom and dad's. Without that distraction, G and I tackled the kids' room. Well, mostly Catie's room, as Jack is still in our room. But eventually, they'll share it. We hauled out 4 garbage bags of kids clothes to take to a resale store. Plus there's 2 boxes of stuff we're keeping...you know...the stuff they wore home from the hospital, special outfits, etc. We got rid of a bag of toys. I still have a couple of boxes of papers to go through. The room looks great. It needs a rug, but it's so clean and uncluttered. I LOVE IT! I haven't taken any pictures, and can't now, because Catie's already in bed, but it's wonderful. I'd like to do this with each room in the house.

Clutter is my downfall. I certainly know we won't have the "perfect" house. It will always look lived in. I'm okay with that. And I know it's a matter of doing a little bit every day to stay on top of it. I just can't figure out how to do that and get everything else done that I want or need to do.

This post really has no purpose, I suppose. Just me rambling. We're trying to simplify things here, and this is one of the steps on the way.

In other news, it's been snowing like crazy all day. I'm nostalgic for the good ol' days in school, when we could very likely have a snow day tomorrow. None of that now, though. That, and I'm knitting myself a sweater. I've always made them for other people. Now it's all about me!


Heidi said...

you have been tagged.... muahahaha

Kat with a K said...

Nothing really to add, but that's a constant struggle for me too... I know I'm happier when my home is decluttered and tidy, but it's so hard to convince myself to take time out of the three or so hours I usually have been getting home/dinner and getting ready for bed... sigh.

C. said...

I always feel SO GOOD when I throw out a bunch of stuff. Try going through the kitchen cupboards & throwing out the expired food (I had a 4 year old box of pie crust mix, blech), clear the ripped underpants & holey socks out of the dresser, get rid of the shoes that were always uncomfortable, empty the bathroom of all the plastic bottles that have 1/2 inch left in them, _all_ the magazines & journals more than 1 month old (c'mon, you're not really going to read them), throw the expired medicines out of the medicine cabinet (bandaids drenched in spilled cough syrup, anyone?), rid your jewelry box of the cheap earings you haven't worn since high school . . . I go on clutter assaults several times per year and it is invigorating! I can't say I have a clutter-free house, but at least it doesn't get as bad as it used to. Each subsequent declutter gets easier.