Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Vacation update

We've been back for just over a week, and I haven't blogged yet. Vacation was wonderful. The coast was stormy, which I don't mind at all. We walked on the beach every day, and Catie chased seagulls. There was much knitting and reading. Also a fair amount of sleeping. And we did 2 different thousand piece jigsaw puzzles. We had clam chowder every day. and unlimited, dedicated time with the kids. I want to be on permanent vacation. Seriously. Or maybe just retire now?

Here's one of the projects that dominated my knitting time. I finished the Tulip Sweater. I started back in October or November, but it got set aside for one reason or another. Well, I pulled it out, and worked on it. I finally finished it yesterday, and am pleased as punch at how it turned out.It was an easy knit, and the colors make me happy to look at. This is the smallest size, and is a gift. Though last night, as I was weaving in the ends, Catie said, "You make big one and I wear it?" How can I turn that down?


Kat with a K said...

Welcome back! Aside from the clam chowder (I'm vegetarian), that sounds like the perfect vacation. And the sweater is adorable!

erika~ the inspired mama said...

i love tulip!! adorable :)

Sandy said...

Your tulip looks gorgeous! Such a satisfying knit, I would imagine!
Great job~