Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all! Remember back when you were young (21 or 22) and New Year's Eve was a big event? If only I could have seen my future...I was in bed by about 11. Ahhh, blissful slumber.

I thought that today was my blogiversary, but after looking back through the archives, it was actually yesterday. So, happy late day to me as well. 2 years ago, I sat up late on New Year's Eve, and started a blog. After reading so many knitting blogs online, I wanted to jump into the fray. I've not been the most consistent blogger by any means, but I have enjoyed it, and enjoyed getting to know you all.

One of the many resolutions I've made this year is to be a better blogger. I'd like to get a couple of posts in each week. It's probably a little over-ambitious, but I'll try.

I actually went to 43 things and made up a long list of resolutions. Feel free to go check them out. This will be a process that will take more than a year, but I really want to get my life in line with my values. I feel sometimes like I do stuff because it's the way I've always done it or because it's convenient, not necessarily because it's the right way.

One of the biggest things that is going on this year is that we've decided, as a household, to not buy anything made in China. All year long. The safety issues, as well as the fact that jobs are being taken away from here in the US, all in search of the glorious dollar and increased profit margins, has prompted us to do this. I think (and hope) it will cause us to research and plan ahead, and really buy only what we need. Out little political statement about the economy and the shifting of production overseas isn't going to change anything, but we'll feel better about it. I'm sure I'll have updates with the struggles we have regarding this from time to time.

One of my resolutions was to go to bed earlier and get up earlier...I better head that way.


Kat with a K said...

Happy New Year!

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