Sunday, June 11, 2006

Why Mary is the BEST!

The title of my last post was "A Little Housekeeping". You know how you're supposed to do a little housekeeping every day so that, come the weekend, you're not overwhelmed? I'm not very good at that. When it comes to the house OR blogging. I always have so many things to write about, but don't get here every day for various reasons. So...every few days I feel like I have to catch you all up on things that have been going on (though in general my life is pretty lame). I'm going to try and restrain myself today, because my last post was a bit too much, I think. is going to focus on my last Secret Pal gift. Tuesday night I'm getting ready for bed, too late as usual, and George brings in a big manila envelope for me. It had come in the mail that day, and he set it up on top of the fridge to keep it away from the dogs (eye level for him, 2 feet above my head). He finally remembered it was there before he came to bed. Well, it was my final SP package, and what a good one. This was the "reveal" package. Mary in NYC, you are such a great secret pal. You always seem to know what will be perfect for me. Further proof--4 skeins of KPPM, Knitted sheep and doll patterns, the Kids Kids Kids book of patterns, Zephyr in blue (my fave), a book that I can't wait to read--Sylvia's Farm, about a woman who raises sheep. Especially pertinent considering our newest additions of Lacey and Aran, who by the way are getting tamer and more friendly every day. For your drooling pleasure:

Not much else going on tonight. The REAL housekeeping still awaits. Next up this week--some reading updates, my first adventure in dyeing, and more.

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Theresa said...

That is a great drool-worthy photo - but did your baby beat us to it and drool all over the real thing?