Friday, June 23, 2006

Happy Birthday Catie!

Well, this is only 2 days late, but as of Wednesday, June 21, at 10:51 PM, Catie Grace turned 1 year old. I had this freakish desire to make her cake from scratch. Like somehow if I bought a cake, I was a bad mom. So I baked the cake (no Duncan Hines here, folks), made the frosting, and decorated it myself. Whew. Now I can rest easy that I'm not a bad mom. Never mind the fact I'm never home, but hey...something the little things are all we have. So here we have the cake:

Hmm...what have we got here?

And now...mmm...I like chocolate.

What a great year it's been. Though it's certainly gone by fast. It's been amazing to watch how she changes from day to day. I can't even really remember what life was like before her. Happy Birthday, Miss C!


aija said...

So cute! Happy birthday Miss C!

mia said...

What a cutie pie! Congrats on balancing delivering babies and raising one!!

Kat with a K said...

Aww, happy birthday, Catie!

erica said...

Happy (belated) birthday to Catie! She looks darling as always!

Kristen said...

happy birthday Catie!

(6 babies in 7 days sounds like a good time to me...I miss OB!) I have been thinking about you and meaning to email you as I have started (and have fallen in love with) my FP rotation. I hope you've recover'd from the days/nights on call and get a chance to enjoy time with your family this weekend!

(the Shrek fiber/yarn is a great color - what kind of wheel do you have?)

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