Saturday, June 03, 2006

Amazing Lace Entry #1

Take 1

(Cheesy announcer voice)

This summer, while children play in city pools and parks, while adults flip burgers on the BBQ and drink beer, join us on a quest. A personal journey, of sorts. Watch these two individuals work to transform themselves into something bigger (or smaller) and better than ever before. Ladies and gentlemen, WELCOME TO THE AMAZING LACE.

(Cheesy action music)

First we have our project, Birch. Ahhh, Birch. Birch, whose parents are Rowan and Kid Silk Haze. Birch, the ugly duckling who hopes to someday turn into the beautiful swan. She spends her days languishing on the dining room table, a pile of silk, mohair, and Inox needles, only to hope that she will be remembered at night. Wishing and praying that her knitter will stay focused, keep her eye on the prize, and actually finish her. Right now she looks like this: but someday, hopes and dreams of looking like this.

And now...the knitter...Jocele...

(more cheesy music)

Jocele works all day and sometimes all night (trying ever so hard to pay off those damn med school loans). She tries to squeeze in knitting when she can. But will she get sidetracked? There's those socks, those Mason-Dixon dishrags and log cabin blankets, that baby sweater. The spinning wheel. Not to mention spending time with her handsome husband and adorable daughter. But Jocele has more than knitting and family on the brain this summer. She is packing a few (oh, okay, more than a few) extra pounds post-baby. Especially concerning because the said baby is 2 weeks away from turning a year old. So in addition to the shawl knitting, yarn spinning, perfect gardening and housekeeping, as well as being the ideal wife and mother, she's going to try to find the time to eat better and excercise more. She's hoping by the end of the summer, there'll be a bit less of her to see. Here is a picture of our knitter a few months ago. What will she look like come September? Only time will tell.

How will these two do on their challenge? Stay tuned...

(Music fades out)

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Lorette said...

Birch is looking good! And remember, it gets smaller as you knit, too. ;-)