Wednesday, March 22, 2006

It's done. It's done. It's done.

Well, after 7 months of off and on knitting, G's sweater is finally done. I finished the second sleeve this afternoon. It's on the kitchen counter blocking as we speak. It's been an endurance project to say the least. I have this incredible urge just to jump up and down. By no means is it perfect. One sleeve came out longer than the other. This is a mystery to me, as they both have the same number of rounds and I don't think my gauge changed. But alas, there will always be things I don't understand. But what I DO understand is this puppy is done! Happy dance at my house tonight.

This isn't the best picture ever, but here we go:

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Pattern: Men's Neck Down Pullover (but with roller collar, hem, and cuffs) from Knitting Pure and Simple
Yarn: Lamb's Pride in Sandy Heather
Needles: Addi Turbos, size 9 circ

And on the upside, hopefully G can still wear it once or twice this year. We're headed to Helena Montana for the weekend and it's still cold there. We're such world travelers of late, are we not?

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Kim said...

Great job on the sweater!! It's sure to become one of his favorites!

So you know Cleo? How cool is that? You're getting sheep? Did you decide on the Alpacas, too? Cleo now has a few Alpaca...and they're a riot. I'm spinning up some of her Merino, and I think I'm in love. This stuff is incredible!

Are you around this weekend? If you are, would you like to get together for a cup of coffee and some knittin'?