Monday, March 20, 2006

Good to be home

Well, Catie survived her first plane ride. Come to think of it, she had a lot of "firsts" this weekend. First plane ride, first rodeo, first concert, first museum, first time to Texas, first time to a yarn store. Okay, maybe not the yarn store part, but all the rest are true. We had a great weekend. The plane ride to Texas was a little hairy. She fussed most of the whole way there. Then not a minute after we landed she screamed, then passed out on my chest. Seriously. After a good lunch we hit a couple of yarn stores in Houston. Yarns 2 Ewe and Mary Charles Yarn Company. The rodeo and concert that night were a blast.

Saturday we went to Bayou Bend, a museum and garden. Gorgeous. I'm always amazed at places like these...places that were once upon a time someone's home. Could you imagine looking at this from your living room every day??

That's Michelle and Louis enjoying a little romantic moment.

From there it was off to Old Town Spring for the spring festival. What a cute place. Lots of little boutiques and shops, and then there were tons of artists' booths as well. And guess what? Two more yarn stores. Imagine that. The best one was Twisted Yarns. G and Louis were such sports about the whole thing. Saturday night we had Greek food, which I haven't had for a long time. Then it was home to sit and knit. While watching Bride and Prejudice. What a girl thing. It pretty much rocked. Here we are at dinner.

Sunday we sat a the local coffee shop and us girls did some more knitting while the boys did boy stuff. Computers and all that. Here they are.

G eventually took Catie for a walk in the stroller. I think she liked it. Whadya think?

Then we headed to the Natural History museum to see this. Amazing views of anatomy. I had a few flashbacks to first year of medical school. Ah, the memories. Sunday late afternoon and evening were spent on Michelle and Louis' patio knitting and visiting. To cap off the evening, Michelle has the first season of Lost on DVD. I haven't watched it at all up until now, but holy crap, we have a new show to watch and catch up on. Off to Netflix I go to look for the first season to add to the list.

Catie did much better on the plane ride home this morning. She still didn't sleep a whole lot, but was happier. Hence we were all much happier. And that pretty much sums up the weekend. It was a great time. Very relaxing and could've been longer, but still it's nice to come home and get back to our regular schedule.


Theresa said...

Now I know why I think we'd get along famously - you've just described my perfect weekend. Rodeo. Bodyworlds (wasn't that cool? they are much much better at dissecting than in my first year of med school!), knitting, coffee, the list goes on and on . . .

Welcome home.

Kat with a K said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

Melissa said...

Looks like you had a blast. I really need to take an out of town trip and visit yarn stores. I would have such a blast! There aren't any around here at all.

Twisted Knitter said...

I was working when you stopped by Twisted Yarns and we fell in love with your adorable little girl!

Brennan said...

I was working when you stopped by Twisted Yarns and we fell in love with your adorable little girl!