Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Brief update below

For anyone who is wondering, the second sleeve of G's sweater is progressing along. The finish line is in sight. I've decided I'm going to do a couple of inches a night. I've been working on it while listening to podcasts. As of tonight, I've now made my way through all the Cast-On episodes. I love Brenda Dayne's voice. Now I'm on to Pointy Sticks. I'm enjoying just listening and knitting. I've been doing this a couple of hours a night, and I think I'm getting more knitting done. I'm also working on the gusset decreases of my sock. I trade off on the 2 projects.

On the fiber front, I'm waiting for an order of roving from Crown Mountain Farms. We're getting our lambs in a couple of months. The kicker thing is that a friend of G's mom has offered to sell us a couple of alpacas. 2 white alpacas for $1000 total. Whadya all think? Tempting, to say the least, but we don't really have that much acreage. I would really like to buy more land, but it's getting incredibly expensive here.

That's all for today. Tomorrow I'll get some pictures of the sock and sweater on here.

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Kristen said...

Lambs! as in lambs that will grow fleece - at your house? To say that I'm envious is an understatement.

(I know that it's not good that your dog is on the counter, but I do appreciate that you took a picture to share with your readers.)

I hope you have an easier week this week - the practice I'm working with has the same sort of "hospitalist for a week" arrangement. As for a babe born to a mom in that situation, it's not something I've seen or heard of before. This state has a major problem with oxycodone abuse and picking out the drug seekers has been a key part of my education thus far.