Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Finally, the OFF haul.

So it's been a good 9 days since we've been home. OFFF was great. Unfortunately, I was there before I realized my camera's batteries had died, and I wasn't about to leave to go buy new ones. So at this point, I have no pictures from the actual event. I did take some pictures with my mom and sister's cameras, but I don't have those yet. Needless to say, the critters were cute. Seriously. Now I want Shetland sheep. There was lots of great stuff to buy, as evidenced below:

First stop...the Blue Moon booth. Where I snatched up 5 skeins of STR in various colorways. That and a few patterns. From there I bought a couple of shawl patterns from another booth.

We headed into the next building, where I bought a couple of books

And a rug hooking kit from Little House Rugs. I've tried this rug hooking thing over the past couple of days. I'm no good at it yet.

And speaking of a learning curve, I bought this
from Woodland Woolworks. I've been trying to master the spindle thing. As long as the yarn doesn't break, I do okay. But as soon as I have to join in new wool, I'm in serious trouble. But it's fun. And somewhat more portable that the wheel.

We also hit the zoo while in Portland, as well as the obligatory stop at Powell's bookstore. I can't even begin to tell you how much I'm in love with that store. It's probably good that its 400 miles away. Otherwise the checkbook would be in even more trouble than it already is.

But hey, we bought a scratch off lottery ticket tonight. And we won...$1. SWEET!


Carrie said...

have you ever been to Woodland Woolworks. If you are into spindles hey have a GREAT display..or at least they did a couple of years ago.

I'm totally with you on Powell's. When we lived in Eugene no trip to Portland was complete without a stop at Powell's.

C. said...

Can you imagine if you had truly expensive hobbies? (e.g. luxury cruises, sailing, buying vacation properties, shopping trips to New York, collecting Picasso paintings) This strengthens my resolve to not learn to spin--it's hard enough to find room for my stash, let alone 6 critters.

Kim said...

WOO!! She has a spindle!! Muuhahahaha! It's beautiful, Jocele. Can't wait to see you on Thursday.