Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I've Been Chastised.

Tonight I went to my spinning guild. I haven't been there for a couple of months. Okay, maybe 3 months. At any rate, Carrie was there, taking pics for her blog. I made the comment that I haven't posted in awhile. Since September 3rd, as I was informed. At least someone out there cares. I know there are a few of you out there who still check on me from time to time. Thanks for putting up with my sporadic posts. But as I pointed out a few weeks ago...no apologies anymore.

It's been a busy fiber month. Saturday the 8th, I went to the Wool Growers day in the foothills in Boise. Usually this was held at a local winery, and was a fiber festival of sorts. This year the focus was much more on education. I showed up with my wheel and was directed to the children's booth. I bet nearly 200 kids took my Rosie for a spin. I was too busy to even take a picture. Thank goodness Kim was there.

This past Saturday was our local Indian Creek Festival. The spinning guild set up at the local museum, and we spun the day away. It was a gorgeous day for spinning. Here's Pamela and Pauline showing off their talents:
I also recently finished my modular scarf. Well, mostly finished. I still need to weave in the ends and block it. But apparently C decided she needed to model it one day. This picture just cracks me up every time I look at it. It's like she's striking a pose or something.

This weekend we're headed to Portland for the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. Yup, it's a good fiber month. If only EVERY month could be this way. Every day, for that matter. Eventually....


Kim said...

Hahaha....Looks like Catie is thinking "work it----work it"!

Glad to hear that the Indian Creek Festival was fun. Corky has asked why I didn't just stay home instead of traveling to SLC. He just doesn't understand yet that we want to attend ALL the fiber affairs....

Bet you're getting jazzed for OF&F. Wish I were going, but OOH, the things I have to do here at home!! Looks like surg is late next week, or maybe even the following. Time off work, baby. WAhooo!

Carrie said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about all the fun you had at OFFF. I tried to talk the hubby in to popping over but somehow he thought that a 7 hour trip one way wasn't considered "popping".