Sunday, October 28, 2007

25 days already?'s been awhile. I've been reading all your posts out there, but can't seem to ever find the time to sit down and actually WRITE something. So it's midnight. Everyone's asleep but me. I have nothing to keep me from this. Well, the camera is out in the car, and I'm not going to go out to get it, so no pics tonight. Let's the past 25 days since my last post, I've made 2 trips to St. Louis and had a stint where I worked a grueling 11 days straight. There's been some, though very little, knitting. This is the first weekend that I've been home and not working since the end of September. I had high hopes of sleeping late, but my body seems to wake up at 6:00 these days, regardless. I did manage to fall back to sleep for a bit, but it wasn't what I had planned.

This morning we went to the farmers' market in Nampa. Earlier in the year, I made it almost every Saturday morning. Somehow, we slacked off over the past 2 months, which is too bad. I enjoy going, and at least looking at all the booths, if not actually purchasing anything. I imagine myself someday having a booth at a farmers' market, silly dream that it is. Today was the last day, and there weren't many vendors there. It was a little windy and blustery, but still pleasant. We did manage to score some great potatoes and homemade bread and jam. Plus a couple of little artichokes. They're on the menu for tomorrow night.

After we were done at the market, we headed to the Flying M for breakfast. I had apple cider and a pecan roll. There is nothing better than hot apple cider on a cold fall day, if you ask me. On the way back to the car, we stopped at the LYS, which is now expanding and including fabric as well. OH MY GOD...that is one beautiful space! It just further cements my goals of becoming a master seamstress as well as spinner/knitter.

Tomorrow should be a fun day. G, my dad, the kids, and I are headed up to Horseshoe Bend to catch the Thunder Mountain Line to the pumpkin patch. Catie is so incredibly obsessed with trains right now, that I'm anticipating she might explode with glee over this. Jack...well, he's getting more and more fun by the minute. He's getting more of a personality and sense of humor every day. He's definitely more of a clown than his sister every was. Sometimes my heart feels like it's going to explode, I love these kids so much.

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