Sunday, August 17, 2008

Not something you really want to hear

There's just some things that you can't prepare for when you have kids. Sundays are typically lazy mornings around our house. The kids got up and had toast. George went out to mow the lawn, but before he did, he gave them a snack of raisins and turned on Lady and the Tramp. I was checking my email and talking to my mom on the phone, when I hear "Owie, Mommy. Owie. There's a raisin in my nose." What the heck? Sure enough, there was a raisin in her nostril, about 2-3 cm up there. Of course, she wouldn't lay still for me to try and get it out. I tried to get her to blow her nose, but there was no cooperating at that point. G came in and tried to hold her, but still no success. She was freaking out and WANTED to go to the hospital.

So off Catie and I go. I'm giggling as we're driving in. And as we check in. The nurses were all very nice and understanding. Catie had finally calmed down on the trip to the ER, and so was more cooperative. Thank goodness she's comfortable in the hospital, not because she's ever been a patient, but because of coming to visit me. She settled down and started playing.

The ER doc had me try and blow in her mouth. SUCCESS! A big ol' raisin booger came flying out. She hung out at the hospital with the nurses while I checked on a newborn. Then she comes home and tells me she wants a granola bar with a raisin in it, so she can take the raisin out. What is she going to do with that little dessicated grape, pray tell?


C. said...

Last Sunday we had a flying trip to the ER because Meredith (age 12m)fell off my bed and wouldn't walk afterwards. Sigh. So goes parenting. What are you going to do when Jack really starts to pick up speed? Might want to start keeping some laceration kits at home.
Miss you.

Anonymous said...

I am truly enjoying your adventures as parents. Giggling myself silly, actually.

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.


Angela said...

Perhaps you can convince her that prunes are just big raisins. (Much harder to insert in the nose...of course too many of those have their own consequences!)

erica said...

Ha ha! You'll have to let me know if you figure out what she did with that extra raisin. : ) Sounds like I have all sorts of fun to look forward to, huh?

Anonymous said...

Thought of a better sentiment:

You can pick your nose. You can pick your friends. But you can't pick your friends nose! Hahaha


Heidi said...

oh my goodness... thankyou for that..I needed a good laugh tonight.

Kim said...

Too funny.

It was SO great seeing you the other night, hon. Would you like to get together sometime today or tomorrow for a little knit & sit? I left you a text on your phone, but maybe you're not a texter. ;)