Friday, November 02, 2007

Warning...Cute kiddos below

Happy November to you all. We're recovering from the chocolate coma caused by leftover Halloween candy here at out house. As always, I bought gobs of candy, because I'm afraid we'll run out. But we never do, so, well, I mean, that candy can't just go to waste (waist?)

Here we have the Decker kids all dressed in their finery...a fairy and a "Jack"-o-lantern

This was the first Halloween we took Catie trick or treating. There was a "Trunk or Treat" at the hospital, where groups handed out candy from their trunks to the bazillions of kids that lined up. The theory is that it's a safer environment, and all the people handing out candy were local business or health care groups. Fun, but the line was waay too long. I'm not sure we'll do it next year. Then we went to my parents' house...I think Catie had more fun opening the door for trick or treaters at their house than she did actually trick or treating herself.

And on the knitting front...when I was in St. Louis a month ago, I stopped at
Knitorious. This place is literally 2 blocks away from where I used to live. In some ways, it's good I hadn't caught the knitting bug back then, because I would have literally gone broke or starved had I lived that close to that store. Great place. At any rate, they had
Dream in Color yarn. And if you bought enough skeins, you'd get a free pattern. Well, needless to say, I bought more than enough. So I started on this

Yup, the Tulip Baby Sweater. It's so fun to make. There'll be some ends to weave in, but this is a blast. And it's going fast, which is always a bonus. This one is for a friend's baby, but I should have enough to make one for Catie. As well as the Rocketry cardigan for Jack.

I've been looking forward to this weekend and some uninterrupted (I hope) knitting time. I'm hoping to have the border and sleeves done by tomorrow. Cross your needles for me.


Carrie said...

JEALOUS!!! I so want to knit that sweater but I have no one to knit it for!!

Anonymous said...

That has got to be the prettiest yarn colors I've ever seen.

Kim said...

Those kids of yours are pretty darned cute, alright. What puddin heads!

C. said...

Beautiful yarn, beautiful kids! I would knit matching sweaters for my daughters, except that my 4yr old won't wear anything besides a football jersey. Knitorious was a beautiful store, and like you I'm glad I wasn't knitting back in the med school days. Have fun with your knitting this weekend!