Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

This is my second mother's day as a mom. Last year I got pearl earrings. This year, we loaded up the truck, rented a 2-horse trailer, and headed north to Yakima, WA. Catie thought she'd try and drive. Unfortunately, she couldn't quite reach the pedals, so G was forced to drive. And I was forced to knit. The horror.

Anyway, Yakima is where G's mom and step dad live. And their friend Diane, with her herd of...


Yes...we have entered the world of alpaca farmers. Diane made us an offer we couldn't refuse. We'd never get a deal like this again. So without further ado, meet the boys.

First we have "Handsome"
And then "Goldfinger"
And "Thunder Bear"
And last, but not least, "Imperial Gold"
Here they all are in the trailer before we took off.
We all survived the trip home in one piece. The alpacas are settling into the pasture nicely tonight. The sheep are a little freaked out, but they'll survive. I think G and I are more freaked, though. We've been thinking about doing this for a year or more, and now that we've gone and bought them, I'm nervous. Noy true buyers' remorse. Just nervous about the unknown. There'll be a steep learning curve, but it'll be worth it. Just think of all that lucsious fiber.

Happy Mother's Day (what's left of it) to all you moms out there.


Quail Hill Knits said...

No doubt about it, they are just too cute. You will really like working with the fiber. It is a dream to spin.

carolyn said...

Yep, she's definitely gone off the deep end. Then again, it makes it easier to justify my yarn stash since I'm not as obsessed as some folks I know.

Sylvia (age 3 1/2) wants to type her name on the comupter:


Kim said...

FOUR OF THEM??? FOUR??? I thought you were getting two? Oh, I'm dying here. You've gone over the edge, woman! Ha!

Can't wait to meet Jack & the boys. Let me know if any night this week works for you.


Anonymous said...

I just ran onto your blog and was reading along . . . whoa! I live in Eagle!

Quail Hill Knits said...

Okay -- its been two weeks. How are the alpacas?