Friday, March 09, 2007

Home at Last

So I fully anticipated staying at the hospital until Saturday. This morning we got a great surprise when the doc said we could go home today instead. So G, Jack, and I loaded up and headed to my parents to pick up Catie. They didn't know Jack had been discharged, so were surprised, to say the least, when we showed up with the baby. Then after a little "adjustment" time between Catie and the new baby (alternating periods of her kissing the baby and then crying because she wanted to sit on someone's lap, but Jack was there), we headed home.

I haven't been home for about 5 weeks. So I got to come home to a nice clean house with a brand new bathroom and brand new baby. I got to take a nap in my own bed. I got to sit on my own couch and nurse Jack. Splendid!

So without further ado, let me introduce you to Jack Edward Decker.

After he was first born:Our first together shot before he was whisked off to the nursery:
I love this picture of G's and Jack's hands:
Holding Jack for the first time in 4 days...2 tubes out, 3 to go.

All snuggled up and ready to head home:

Catie meeting and kissing her brother for the first time:

Life is good.


Lucinda said...

Congrats & Welcome Home! That looks like a very happy Big Sister -- congrats to her too!

(I found your site through Annie Knits.)

Kim said...

Oh Jocele, he's beautiful! Welcome to the world, Jack! I'm so glad to hear you've gone home and things are going well. You're right---life IS good. :)

Lisa said...

What a beautiful little boy! Glad everything finally worked out and you're home safe and snuggy! Enjoy.

Carolyn said...

Wonderful wonderful wonderful! The NICU is such a scary ride--amazing how we MD types can just kinda intellectualize along when we have to. So thankful & relieved that all is well & Jack is safely home. Have a wonderful babymoon!

Ann said...

He's so handsome! Welcome home! Enjoy that baby! Enough with the exclamation points!