Saturday, March 31, 2007

Another fun-filled Saturday

The Continental knitting is progressing. At least the knit stitch is, anyway. I'm getting much better at it, though am still having problems with tension and getting the yarn to slide through my left hand easily, but not with too much slack. The purl stitch, though, is a whole other story. I'm continuing to struggle with that one. When does it "click"...both with my fingers AND my brain?

Today G taught his Boot Camp for New Dads class and took Jack with him, so Catie and I had a "girls day". Well, a couple hours at least. We went to McDonald's for lunch. I know, I know...but I thought she could play on the playground, which I thought was indoors. It wasn't, and it was a little chilly. She proceeded to drink apple juice and suck the ketchup off her french fries. I don't think she took a single bite of food. From there, we headed to Barnes and Noble. Where we split a chocolate chip cookie. Well, I ate most of the cookie and she picked out the chocolate chips and would only eat those. Is this going to be a trend? Then we looked at books. I wanted to buy this, but they didn't have it in stock. The website LIED! So we headed home after a bit, and are spending yet another Saturday night knitting and reading. Exciting life we lead, eh?

Because I have no knitting pics for you, unless you want to look at my Continental knitting swatch, here's a couple of kiddie pics for you.

Catie in the bath: and Jack snoozing after a long night of nursing. NON-STOP. Exhausting. For both of us.


Kim said...

That Catie is such a cutie! And Jack...he looks very content, the little puddin head. :)

Holly said...

All night nursing....well....I suppose you can comfort yourself by appreciating how much he wanted to focus all his attention on you....poor mommy. Try to nap when they do...never mind keeping up with anything else.

Carolyn said...

Regarding the toddler finickiness: it will only get worse. Sylvia used to be such a terrific eater. Now at 3 1/2, she eats no vegetables at all, she refuses all cheese, only fruits are oranges & bananas (now starting to refuse those), only meats are hot dogs, chicken nuggets & fish sticks . . . And I think it's only going to get worse from here. I now find myself buying blue yogurt & spaghettio's in the the desperate hope of keeping her from starving. I tried to give up the power struggles over food & just try to get something with nutritional value into her, but I wonder if I cut her too much slack. It seems she refuses a different food every week. sigh. Wonder if I'll have this much trouble with my second daughter . . . ;)