Sunday, January 07, 2007

A productive weekend...sans photos

Well, it's been a pretty good weekend. I started a new sweater for Catie on Thursday night. It's the baby tunic here. It's in a light blue, that's pretty close to the same blue as her eyes. I'd show you a picture of the WIP, but alas, George dropped the camera a couple of nights ago. Now, I've dropped the camera more than once, but apparently when it's dropped from a height of 5 feet, it's less detrimental that when dropped from the height of 6 feet. That extra foot did something bad...the ring around the lens broke, and the camera makes a very ugly sound when you try to turn it on. So, who knows? We may end up with a new camera out of the deal.

I worked some more on her bookcase as well. I've gotten 2 coats of paint on, and now am just waiting for that to dry so I can seal it. Then maybe we can get some of her bazillion books coralled. I try not to buy her tons of stuff, but that's where I'm weak...I figure an excess of reading material (and puzzles) is a whole lot better than an excess of other random toys. I hope that's not just bad justification on my part. Again, hopefully, if the camera is fixable, I'll have a couple pictures up in a few days.

What else happened this weekend? I delivered a baby. Had lunch with a couple of friends. Started putting info into Quicken (one of my New Year's Resolultions is to pay off credit card debt and be more organized--hopefully this will help). We ordered new tile for the bathroom floor. It's a 1 inch hexagon and white. Very "old" looking. We're hoping to get started in a week or two on the actual remodeling. Yay!! Soon I will be soaking in a hundred year old claw foot tub after the end of a hard day!!!


Theresa said...

You'll really deserve that soak after redoing the tile!

Carolyn said...

It's amazing to see how you spend your time when the bathroom becomes the nicest room in the house! Tim has an unfortunate tendancy to lose cameras when he travels--we're on our 3rd digital camera now, & I keep threatening that he won't deserve a 4th if this one meets an untimely end. Miss you.