Monday, January 01, 2007

Fiesta Bowl and a Stocking Cap

I don't know how many of you out there are football fans, but dang, what an exciting Fiesta Bowl tonight. BSU 43-42 in overtime...and regulation play came right down to the wire as well. I'm not even a huge BSU fan, but I have to root for the home team. They done us proud tonight.

I finished G's hat today as well...Fleece Artist in Cashmere. I kept trying to convince him while I was knitting it to just let me have it, but no such luck. It's just a basic 2x2 rib cap. In addition to freakishly large feet, I unfortunately married a man who has a freakishly large head---26 inches to go with his size 15 feet. I should have thought about all that before I married him...the knitting consequences.But to disprove the fact that he's all bad, he was especially kind this year and got me this:

A Strauch drum carder. Please forgive the stash mess behind the table here. I'm very excited about the carder, and think I'll probably get more spinning done now. That whole hand card thing just wasn't working out for me.

And now, it's way late and I have to get up and head into the office early in the morning. So goodnight, and congrats to the Broncos.


Holly Burnham said...

What a happy hubby you have posing their in his new hat....of course at the time he probably didn't realize knitters all over the world would be looking at him....

Tim Burns said...

Happy New Year Jocele! Carolyn's been knitting like crazy. We'll have to post some pictures.

Kim said...


G looks pretty darn cute in his hat!!

How does tomorrow night look for you, sunshine?