Monday, November 20, 2006

Knitting progress (and baby progress) update

Well, I spent the weekend on call. But it wasn't a bad weekend at all. I got a fair amount of knitting done. Catie got X-mas pictures taken. When they're back I'll try and put them on here. Damn, I have a cute kid.

As far as the knitting goes, I signed up for the Petals Collection from Sundara Yarn way back in the summer time. I'm 2 sock patterns behind, but I've been working on the Calla Lily socks. The first one is done. The second one is progressing nicely. The heel is turned. The gusset is done, and now I'm onto the foot. The home stretch. The pic is dark, but here's the sock with my new "sock basket".I've decided not to cast on anything else for awhile. We'll see how long that bright idea lasts. I have 3 pairs of unfinished socks sitting in my basket. 2 of them are for me, so it's no big deal if they don't get done for awhile. But one is for G, and every so often he comments he'd like to have another pair. The one pair I did for him has developed a hole---now the question darn or not to darn? Part of me is tempted to just toss 'em, but them I remember his size 15 feet. It takes a LONG time to finish a pair of socks that are that big. Plus I have a shawl or two to finish, plus who knows what else I can't think of right now.

Pregnancy is progressing nicely. I'm huge. I'm 22 and a half weeks. And I'm bigger now that I was at probably 30 weeks last time. Granted, I weigh more. But I don't feel like the baby is any bigger. Maybe it's just that everything is all stretched out or something. Seriously though, excuse the little fat roll in the back, but check this thing out:

And last but not least, some ultrasound pics. We had our ultrasound a couple of weeks ago. I'm finally getting my butt into gear to post some of the pics. One the left we have a nice face shot. Quite an adorable little alien, wouldn't you say?

Below is a foot. AWWWW.


Kim said...

Are you FINALLY home now? :)

Looking at those ultrasound pics really dates me---I didn't have an ultrasound until Joey! They just weren't done unless it was a problem pregnancy. I think I'll go grab some Ace bandages and Geritol.

Get going on those socks, girl!! Whee!

Elinor said...

Awww, how cute. I got one foot pic out of all the ultrasounds and it is my favorite one by far!mI hope you're getting as much rest as possible!

Theresa said...

Love getting knitting done on call. Makes me feel like I'm getting away with something ;)

Kat with a K said...

Awww, adorable!