Sunday, November 26, 2006

An eventful week

2 posts in less than a week. Damn, I'm on a roll.

It's been a pretty good week. We've decided to remodel our bathroom. We live in an old (1910-ish house). It has a fair amount of character, but the bathroom sucks. So does the kitchen, but that's another story that will have to come later. The bathroom is pretty big, but has a ton of wasted space. There's a generic sink/cabinet, a toilet, and a shower. No storage and no bathtub. Miss Catie Grace isn't a fan of showers. AT ALL. And she's getting way to big for a bath in the kitchen sink. So we're biting the bullet and redoing the bathroom. I want to make it look more like it would fit into the era the house was built...clawfoot tub, pedastal sink, a cool tile floor, and hopefully a built in cabinet. I'll post pictures once we get going.

Thanksgiving was a good day. I made bread for the first time in years. The first batch burned on the bottom because the oven was too hot, but the second try...mmm, just right. I had this epiphany that I should start making bread from scratch. All that kneading is good for the soul. In reality, when I'd have time to do that, I'm not sure.

I took my 1 hour glucola earlier this week, and failed miserably with a sugar of 158 (should be less than 140). So this morning, I headed into the hospital lab for the 3 hour diagnostic test. I passed!! No gestational diabetes, but I'll probably keep an eye on my sugars anyway. The good thing about having to sit there for three hours while they poked me every hour was that I got some knitting done.

I was able to finish a pair of socks. They're the Calla Lily socks from Sundara Yarn.
I didn't take any other knitting with me, so then I just got to take a nap in between blood draws. Not an ideal way to spend a Sunday morning, but not horrible either, by any means.

The big news of the week is that after 17 months and 3 days, Catie started walking!! I was getting seriously freaked out and worried about her development. Friday night, she finally just decided to get going. She's still pretty unsteady, and doesn't take more than about 20 steps or so, but she's vertically mobile. Woohoo!! We have a cute video, but I can get it to load on here right. Take my word for it though, it's most fun to watch.


Lorette said...

Great socks! And good news on the walking. In a few weeks when you can't keep up with her, you'll probably wonder why you wished for that so hard. ;-)
And two words about the bread: Bread machine. I use the dough setting and bake it in the oven so it looks like the real thing.

Theresa said...

I used to bake a lot of bread, but then I realized that something had to go and that was it. Nice for special occasions, though.

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Kat with a K said...

They look great! And congratulations Catie!

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Kim said...

Looks like the spammers have found you---argh!

Those socks are SO cute!! Congrats on the diabetes test. Phew! Does that mean no more no-bake cookies at the Flying M? ;)

Anne-Caroline said...

Hi! Just stopping through the knitting physicians webring. Your belly looks adorable...Congratulations on the pregnancy, and already having an adorable kiddo. :)

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