Saturday, July 22, 2006

Brief update below

My laptop is on the fritz. I have no clue what I did to it. But it's quite ill. So posting has been limited. I've been knitting away the past few days. Birch (take 2) now has a whopping 3 pattern repeats done. God knows how many left to go. The Jaywalker sock is progressing along. The heel is turned, stitches picked up, and I'm working on the decreases. This is a seriously fun pattern. I'm well aware this is NOT news to the vast majority of you out there, as I think I'm the last person in the knitting world to have not yet knitted a pair. Always a step or two behind, that's me.

Not much else to write about for now. I'm trying to fight the urge to start a new project. Don't you think Catie would like cute in this? 2 weeks until vacation. We're going on a long roadtrip to Montana, so I'm envisioning LOTS of knitting time. Maybe by then I can start on the new sweater. Let the countdown begin.


Kim said...

Ack, the laptop ist kaput? Get'r fixed, woman! You're missed!

Birch will be beeeautiful. Enjoy your Montana trip, and holler when you get back--let's get together, ok?

Have a safe trip, sweetie. xoxo

Anonymous said...

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