Saturday, May 06, 2006

Shoshone Falls

Friday was my "day off". I had been on call on Thursday night. Not too bad. Home by 10 or so, then slept all night. So Friday, my "day off", I had a meeting and assisted on a C-section on one of my patients. So after that, I finally got to do "day off" type stuff.

I checked out the newest LYS in town. Ewephoria. (Cute name, huh?). It's in downtown Nampa. Everything is still not totally set up, and she doesn't have everything on display yet, but overall, I'm impressed. Plus it's closer to home. And Nampa is working to revitalize it's downtown, a cause I'm always into supporting. AND there's a cool new coffee shop around the corner. So many reasons to go back for more. I bought a couple of skeins of Cascade Fixation in an ivory color. I think it'll be good for summer socks. Besides, I've never knit socks except with wool, so I think I need to at least try some cotton. I also bought the newest Spin-Off magazine. It has an article about Navajo plying, which I've been wanting to learn how to do.

Then my mom, dad, G, Catie and I loaded up and drove to Twin Falls. It was a bit of a crowded car ride, but worth it. Shoshone Falls is just outside of Twin Falls. It's on the Snake River. Apparently they're higher than Niagra Falls. I've never been to Niagra Falls, and I think there's more water there, but for Idaho, especially southern (i.e. desert) Idaho, this is pretty damn impressive.

That last picture shows me (in the red shirt) out on the lookout deck. What you can't see is how I'm holding desperately onto the railing and trying not to throw up as I look down. I'm a little afraid of heights. Add to that the water pouring over the falls, and it was almost more than my stomach could handle. But I'm glad we went. This was a good year as far as snow, so there's more water than there has been the past few years. It certainly made for an impressive sight.

Not much as far as knitting news. The second of G's red socks is moving along. I'm willing myself to finish it before I start something else. Lace is calling my name.


Ann said...

I've been to Niagara falls and it's impressive due to sheer size and volume of water, but your falls look lovely! All the different levels. You're very brave to stand right at the end...I have a little bit of the height thing going on too, and it manifested at Niagara by me holding onto my kids shirts as they looked over the edge [smile]. What a fun family day trip.

Stephanie said...

How very beautiful! (Do you think you left handprints in the metal?)

Anonymous said...

I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.