Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today is one of my days off this week. The beginning of the month, I changed my work schedule. I now usually work 3 to 3 1/2 days a week, but 12 hour days. This lets me be home a bit more with the kids. It's amazing how much this has helped my mommy guilt. I still wish I could be home more, but this is a start.

The puppy is settling in nicely. Settling into our bed, that is. I think the second night here, I couldn't stand the whining and crying coming from her crate, so she now has found a perfect spot snuggled up between G and I. If I can't listen to a puppy cry, is it any wonder that our kids still sleep with us most nights? I'm sure it's quite the picture. Mom, Dad, Catie, Jack, Annie, sometimes one of the other dogs, and maybe a cat all in bed in the mornings. Good thing we bought that king sized bed last fall! And I learned something new about dogs last week. Apparently, they can pass out after shots. Yup. G took her to get her immunizations, and after her shots, she was out cold. I shouldn't get such a kick out of that, but I do.

And in knitting news, I've been doing a fair amount. I think I've finally mastered continental knitting. It's becoming much faster and efficient for me. I still struggle some with tension, especially when purling, but it is now my preferred method. Knitting stockinette in the round is my absolute favorite thing to do! Sad, but true. I get all excited about just knitting around and around, holding the yarn in my left hand.

Here's a couple of hats I've finished lately. The first is from a kit I bought at the Nestucca Bay Yarn retreat last fall.

The second is a hat I made for George. It was one of my first full continental projects. The brown is some of the first yarn I spun. If you look close, you can see some giant slubs, as well as some parts that are way overspun. The beige is some Peace Fleece I've had sitting around. It's quite a "rustic" hat. But I love it.

Head over to Ravelry for stats on both.

There's been a bit more knitting as well. And some crocheting. I hope to get pics up later this week. Have a great day.


erica said...

The hats look great! I'm so glad that you get some more days at home with the kiddos. That mother guilt... man that's powerful stuff!!

I've decided to take up crocheting as well as knitting, and so far I've crocheted... a square!!! :) My mom knows how, though, so she said she can help me out. Hope to see you soon!

Angela said...

Whining and crying is how we ended up sleeping w/ 2 cats.

Flying home from Sock Camp tomorrow. It has been really, really fun this year.

Have you checked out the class list for Summit? Crazy amazing!

Heidi said...

ooh ooh I really like the leaf motif on the tan one. beautiful work!

C. said...

Yay,more time at home for Dr. Mommy! The long days are tough, but the leisurely mornings make up for it. The mommy guilt is tough stuff. I usually refer to _A Potent Spell: MOther Love and the Power of Fear_ by Janna Malamud Smith, which is an amazing book that details how the fear of losing children has been used by the dominant system to keep women in their place since the ancient Greeks. Not a difficult book, very engaging.

Nice hats!