Monday, April 14, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Thank you all for your thoughts and condolences. Things are somewhat getting back to normal. There are about a hundred times a day when I think about something and it makes me think of Gesa. Indian food. Quilting. Shopping at the Macy's clearance store. And so on and so forth. But life goes on, I suppose.

We've been back from DC for a week. G tried to take a picture of the president's helicopter and he swears some man in a black trenchcoat followed him everywhere around the monument mall taking his picture after that. It's unfortunate that we can't even be geeky Americans and take pictures of something like that without being thought of as a possible terrorist. Or maybe G is just paranoid.

I'd like to go back there sometime, under better circumstances. What an amazing place for history. Maybe after the kids are a little older, we'll head to the Smithsonian.

While we were there, I finished my sweater I've been working on. Well, except for the zipper. But the knitting is done. And in time for my cruise. Which is in only 3 weeks! I've sort of lost my knitting mojo since then. I haven't done much knitting on my latest pair of socks. I haven't bought yarn in about 5 months. I was thinking that a little retail therapy might be just what the doctor ordered. Any recommendations for a quick shawl that I could maybe get done before the cruise? I was thinking about the Clapotis shawl. It looks like it'd be a pretty quick knit. Any ideas?


Kim said...

Clapotis would be a nice knit, as would the Forest Canopy Shawl.

It was great to see you and Catie last night. Let's get together again soon, ok? Oh, wait! I'll probably see you this afternoon. Hee!

Sharon said...

So now I totally want to make the clapotis shawl-- it looks way lovely. Is it hard to knit? Hope you are doing okay and that your cruise is fabulous. Cheers, Sharon