Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Growing Challenge--Week 1

Last week I blogged about joining the Growing Challenge . One of the goals is to grow something you haven't grown before. So tonight I ordered potatoes. I ordered from Seeds of Change. I'm fascinated by blue potatoes, and so ordered these along with some Yukon Gold potatoes.

Along our fence in the back, we had some old roses that were crazy out of control and going wild. G dug them out this past week, and I think that spot will make a great area for potatoes...it's already somewhat of a raised bed, and I think I might try to grow some of them with the no-dig method I read about in one of my books.

Also we're getting closer to hopefully purchasing some land. We're trying to get our financing all lined up, and hopefully will actually make an offer in the next couple of weeks. Cross your fingers for us. I lay in bed at night and dream up ideas for our farm...a little orchard, a big veggie garden, intensive grazing for sheep and cattle, maybe a milk cow, a red barn, a big white farmhouse with clothes flapping on a clothesline. Utopia, I tell you.


Jason Haberman said...

Wow... to this city-boy that just sounds like a lot of work! This coming from the guy who hates yardwork with a passion. :)

Good luck you two.

C. said...

My gardening secret: pick things that are pretty darn easy to grow. I crank out 5-10lbs of cucumbers per week when they really get going--we actually had to invent a mixed drink utilizing cucumbers to use them all up (2 spears of cucumber, 1 sprig mint, ice, 1-2 fingers of vodka & top off with mineral water-YUM). Last year I tried ornamental gourds, with pretty good growing success--I messed up by not moving them into my basement fast enough & they all moulded. GOOD LUCK!

Kim said...

I can SO see you on that farm. Have you made an offer yet???